What Makes a Subaru your Subaru

I love my 2007 Subaru Impreza Wagon. I get so many compliments on it. I am a 27 year old fitness business owner and varsity soccer coach. I needed a car that could carry what I needed but also looked sporty and young. I put some new wheels on it, racks, tinted the windows and now it looks young and fun. I also mountain bike and so I can get where I need to go with it as well as getting up to the mountain to get my snowboarding in. There is plenty of room I can be a surrogate soccer mom as well, there's room to haul my players if they need it. I have never owned a subaru but I LOVE MINE!!!!!!

~ Lucianne Crenshaw
I went off a cliff with 4 friends in my 1995 Subaru Impreza. 2 of them were not wearing seat belts. The car flipped twice, and was completely totaled. We crawled out without a scratch. That car had taken me up and down every mountain, and when I went over the edge it saved the life of my friends and I. That is what made that subaru my subaru.

~ Doah Henius
It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I have run into my garage, backed up into a tree with the door open, ran over curbs and my hub cap rolled. But even after all this abuse and 216,000 miles, my Subaru keeps on running and has never left me stranded.

~ Wanda Norgaard

I couldn't be happier with my $1 car!

I bought my 1990 Subaru Legacy Wagon for $1 from a friend who was going to dump it because of a head gasket issue.  I have put over 330,000 miles on it, and I have overheated the engine terribly over 10 times, totally out of coolant.  I have not had one issue other than a blown head gasket in all the time that I have owned the car, and I continue to drive the Subaru every day, to and from work.  It still gets 30 mpg, and does not burn one drop of oil doing it.  The transmission still shifts smoothly, and the car is mechanically sound.  Other than a couple deer that I have hit, the car still looks presentable.  I couldn't be happier with my $1 car!

~ Kevin J., Eagle Point, OR.

I love my Subaru!!

Three years ago my husband and I bought our son, Austin, a 1999 Subaru Outback wagon. He had just graduated from high school and was heading to Bend, OR for flight school. We knew he needed a sturdy, safe vehicle that would handle well in snow and ice conditions. Little did we know at the time, it would be one of the best decisions we have ever made, but for other reasons! At the age of 19 yrs., Austin finally got his first buck. Unfortunately, he used his Subaru to get it!! Here's how it happened...... In the spring of 2011, Austin and his roommate, Drew, were heading back to Bend after a weekend visit in Medford. Drew was in the lead on his motorcycle with Austin following in his Subaru. Fortunately, as they turned onto Hwy. 97 Drew dropped back and allowed Austin to take the lead. Within minutes, a large buck came out of nowhere and, well, let's just say....buck and Subaru had a "come to Jesus meeting"!! When we received the call and heard with great relief that Austin and Drew were fine, we were convinced purchasing the Outback had been one of our best decisions ever! The story doesn't end there. We filed a claim with our insurance company, whom we had been with for over 25 years. The car was still drivable, but needed some major repairs. After the adjuster examined the Subaru, we were notified that the company was declaring it totaled. They did not want to fix the car! But we certainly did. This car had just saved our son's life and we all loved our Subaru! My husband spent endless hours on the phone trying to prove the value of the car was more than they wanted to settle for. This would result in repairs being done rather than the car being declared totaled. But to no avail! It finally boiled down to calling our amazing agent and letting him know we would change companies if they were unwilling to fix our Subaru! Literally, within hours we received a call with the news. They had changed their decision and would repair our car! It was well worth the fight. Now that Austin is living in Hawaii, I get the privilege of driving the Outback. It works hard for me. Everything from carrying groceries to transporting my elderly mom and her walker all over town!

~ Ginger Rasmussen, 6.13.12

Woop-De-Do, it's a Subaru!

"Just a quick note to say it was a real kick buying a car from you guys. That 2012 Outback was a joy to drive the 2-1/2 hrs home to Brookings.  I am an old, retired car-dog myself and know what it's like in the trenches, beating the asphalt, showing the product, negotiating a deal that both parties can live with, doing all the paperwork, all the while doing my best to make my customers comfortable with their decisions. Your friendly and well-informed guys and gals reminded me of my days working for a small town dealership where deals were made on a handshake and a promise meant something.  I appreciated Christian's (my sales dude) assertiveness and his product knowledge and even got a kick out of his trial closes along the way toward putting me in the car.  I'll do my best to wear it out so I can justify buying another."

~ John and June Bloom, Brookings OR, 6.5.12

I Love My Subaru!

My third purchase from SOSVM, but my first Subaru - a BRZ none the less! Not only is my car amazing, but I feel like I get rock star looks just driving down the street. Joyce kept in touch with me and let me know when it arrived. Craig Pena was personable, knowledgeable and went over the top to take care of my every request, and followed up. The whole staff was great, and told me they all wanted my car, "you took it too fast" they said, "we did not get a chance to drive it!" Thank you Greg Sorensen for having such a wonderful dealership, and a great product.

~ Stephanie Horton, 5.24.12

I could not be happier with him or my car

Craig was amazing, from my first visit to look at Outbacks until I came back to buy.  I had surgery and was not feeling well, Craig would call to keep in touch and asked how I was feeling.  He built a relationship.  I could not be happier with him or my car.

~ Marlene Diaz, 5.11.12

This is the nicest car we've had

This is our fifth Subaru.  Each one got better.  This is the nicest car we've had; not the fastest or colorful, just the best.  Dealing with Dave is better than a chess match.

Thanks, Bob & Patty Montz, 5.11.12

After driving her first Subaru in the 1970's, my wife has always wanted her first new car to be a Subaru

Your Service staff are stellar in their performance, specifically Christian, who was always supportive & never pushy while we waited for the right time (over 1 ½ years) to purchase.  Craig was instrumental in helping us & we really enjoyed our test drive. 

~ Steve Gooch, 4.27.12

Very satisfied

Jon got me in in a moments notice because my Check Engine Light came on while I was headed to Ashland.  He kept me up to date as to what was wrong with my vehicle.  The repairs were made that day, as well as a few extras that I asked for since they had the vehicle.  I have been a satisfied SO Subaru customer for 20+ years.  I will continue to use and recommend Subaru.
Thank you,
Lara Strazdas, 4.24.12
Wildfx Art & Photography

Thanks again!

Once again, SO Subaru has exceeded our expectation for superior customer service and an excellent buying experience!  All of the employees exemplify an attitude of "going the extra mile."  Special thanks to Craig, Brian & Jeff (he started the whole thing!)

~ Shirley & Dan Rice, 4.23.12

Great Experience!

I would purchase another vehicle from your dealership!

~ Timothy Platt, 4.23.12

Vehicle sold itself.  Randy made it pleasant. 

~ William Lucas,  4.23.12

John and Bob were both involved with our purchase.  They were very knowledgeable & helpful.  We absolutely love our new Lancer!!!  Thank you!  :)

~ Kevin Clark, 3.22.12

We are very pleased, not only with our Subaru, but with the quality of your care.  In my position, I need security, and you give it.  Thanks!

~ Marylyn Anderson, 3.15.12

Thank you so much for a great service team

I have had my car serviced here for eleven years and have always had great service.  Thank you.

~ Carol V., 3.15.12

The SOM team has done it again - my 120,000 mile service and MORE exceeded my expectations.  My Endeavor drives like new and is good for another 120,000!

~ RJ Olmsted, 3.15.12

Very fast service work

It is always a pleasure to bring the car in to SOSVM. We were greeted by Shannon before we could even get to the door. She is always so professional and nice to work with. She estimated the total of our servicing at $100 and it came in around $75. It is always nice to have it less than estimated. She is always going the extra step to insure our satisfaction. The car was dropped off without an appointment at about 7:45 and I was called at around 10:30 that it was done. Very fast service work.  The car wash has been an issue in the past, but I see they did a much nicer job this time.

~ Todd, from Shady Cove, 3.13.12

John rocks!

Nick took me for the first test drive, then he turned me over to John Bermea and both guys were great.  John closed the deal with me.  John rocks!  It was a pleasant experience and I am recommending you guys to everyone.

~ Bonnie Walker, 2.24.12

Very impressed with the service & professionalism at this dealership compared to the one in our hometown.

~ David Gillow, 2.18.12

Jon was delightful to work with 

You didn't have the model I wanted, so he made arrangements to trade with another dealer.  Car wouldn't be ready until the next day; he brought it to my house.  Thank you for the jam & pancake mix.

~ Marjorie Mitchell, 2.17.12

Mr. Hogan was very nice

Very happy with him & my visit to dealership.

~ Cathy Coley

Closest Subaru dealer to Brookings Oregon

Overall a very satisfactory experience.  Would not hesitate to buy another car there or to recommend SOSVM to a friend.

~ Mary Ciceric

We are a Subaru Family!  We have leased 10 Subarus over the past 25 years.

Albert Logan did a very professional job in suggesting the early turn-in of my 2009 Honda lease.  Your organization quickly responded to my desire for a white Impreza.  We did the deal in 48 hours!  Wow!  My thanks to Albert! 

Thank you for the gift box of goodies!"

~ Nancy Edwards-Cogswell

I was looking for a used Subaru and I trusted SOSVM

Almost every time I get in my new/used car I say 'I love this car!'  Thank you all for helping me get my sweet car!

~ Barbara Dinkowitz

My experience was wonderful!

Everyone at Southern Oregon Subaru has gone way beyond any expectations for kindness and customer service, especially Shannon in Service & Chris and Brian in the main office.

~ Kay Henry

Thank you so much!

I was treated very well.  Dave, Wally and the desk manager did everything they could to get me into my beautiful XC90.  I love my car!

~ Erica Paddock

Kudos to SOSVM!

Craig Pena is a good salesman and an excellent representative for your dealership.  Wally in Finance is a super-star who went the extra mile to get the rate I requested.

~ Christopher Miller

Will recommend highly your dealership and services

We were a cold walk-in customer.  We were greeted by a salesman in your car lot.  He explained & showed us your new & used vehicles.  When we requested pricing he referred us to Bob Adams.  The first salesman was polite & knowledgeable of your products.  Several hours later we negotiated successfully the trade of our vehicle for a 2011 Outback.  Mr. Adams was most knowledgeable & accommodating.  He is an asset to your employ.  We were treated in the highest respect & will recommend highly your dealership and services.

~ Michael Kilgore 1/18/2012

The best car-buying experience I've ever had

My wife and I recently purchased a 2011 Legacy sedan from Southern Oregon Subaru. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share our experience. We had done our homework ahead of time (one reason we were shopping for a Subaru) and had narrowed the choice to a few models.

Salesman Nick Allen was not only patient & courteous, he knew the facts on every model we test-drove (including the engineering & development history). The Sales manager was friendly and surprisingly open in sharing cost & pricing information (are you guys sure you're car salesmen?). After the purchase, Customer Rep Wendy Crutchfield walked us through the manual plus options for additional features with humor and professional ease.

From arrival to departure was less than 3 hours and we're still pinching ourselves over our level of satisfaction with the experience. Not only would I recommend the staff and product at Southern Oregon Subaru without hesitation or reserve, I would have to characterize our purchase as the best car-buying experience I've ever had (maybe 30 rigs over 40 years). I have no doubt we'll be back.

~ Matthew McAuliffe

Happy owner of 2012 Legacy

I just purchased my second Subaru Legacy! What a joy the whole experience was. My salesman, Dave Skolnik, sold me my 2006 Legacy way back when and, pleasantly, sold me my 2012 Legacy. He made it fun! He is knowledgeable and just persistent enough to make you smile. This purchase is the 4th Subaru for our family - all purchased from Southern Oregon Subaru. We have referred numerous friends as well, and each has had just as enjoyable an experience.The professional, personable and caring way that this dealership operates and treats their customers will inspire new customer loyalty and guarantee returning customers when a new car is needed. Thank you Southern Oregon Subaru!

~ Paula York

I love my Subaru Baja

One of the things I do with it is use it to pick up food bags in my work as a volunteer coordinator for the Medford Food Project. On pick up days I drive all around Central Point and pick up the food bags my neighbors leave on their front porches. That food then goes to families in need in our region.

~ Scott Perry

Very pleased with our purchase  

We bought our last car from Southern Oregon Subaru. We were very stressed trying to find the right car at the right price. We ended up buying a used van from this dealer. They worked with us on the price and the salesman even drove out to our home so my wife could sign the final paper. We would not hesitate in buying another car from them. We felt that we got a good deal.

~ Ron R.

Multiple good experiences!

Jeff and Brian both worked to get me good deals to match what I'd researched the vehicles were worth. Had to wait long time for most recent car--too popular a model.

Very friendly, very professional, and real people  

My wife and I have purchased multiple cars from Southern Oregon Subaru and everyone has been extremely helpful!! Matt, Bob, Brian, and Randy have all worked relentlessly to take the utmost care of us while really listening to our needs. They always had what we were looking for and were very accommodating. We have purchased 5 vehicles from them and we have always walked away smiling and feeling like we got the best deal possible. Very friendly, very professional, and real people. They always make us feel like family. No game playing, just good business.

~ Christopher

Satisfied in Grants Pass!!!

Elated I have to say how surprised I was to see a negative review. We are first time customers and bought a 2010 Forester. Not only was our experience when purchasing beyond wonderful. But, the after the sale service has been remarkable. We have not had one person be rude in any way and actually everyone has bent over backwards to make sure we are well taken care of. I have been recommending my family, friends and anyone I hear talking car buying to Southern Oregon Subaru. We simply cannot say enough good about them. Especially Shannon and Matt Meade.

~ Emily, Grants Pass, OR

They were nice to work with -- very rare in a car dealer in Medford.

~ Kyle

I love my 2007 Subaru Impreza Wagon  

I get so many compliments on it. I am a 27 year old fitness business owner and varsity soccer coach. I needed a car that could carry what I needed but also looked sporty and young. I put some new wheels on it, racks, tinted the windows and now it looks young and fun. I also mountain bike and so I can get where I need to go with it as well as getting up to the mountain to get my snowboarding in. There is plenty of room I can be a surrogate soccer mom as well, there's room to haul my players if they need it. I have never owned a Subaru but I LOVE MINE!!!!!!

~ Lucianne Crenshaw

You guys are SO fast that I didn't finish my coffee!!

~ R. Verbeck

Always a great experience - Thank you.

~ Tia H.

Thanks for the shuttle service.

~ Mary K.

It is obvious that your people take great pride in what they do.  It wasn't so much the car that brought us back as it was the people we talked to. 

~ Betty D.

One of the reasons 'I Really Love My Subaru' is Shannon Meade in your Service department.  She always greats me with a warm smile.  Shannon is patient, knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions.  She is a definite asset to Subaru!

~ Lori M. 

What a surprise for my birthday (on September 30th)!  Thank you very much for the surprise and I do feel honored by S.O. Subaru, Rick and Shannon and everyone who works there.

~ Lucille Cordeiro

You have a good product and seem well organized.  It was easy buying from you.

~ John Ames, Medford, OR

I'm so happy with my Subaru; best car I ever had!  Christian was a big help.  Everyone loves my car!  I send them all your way. Thanks :)

~ Daniell Oman

The Outback is more than we expected and your staff is great; very professional.  We will tell all of our friends about the great deal and service.  Thank you.

~ Paul & Diane Schmidt, Medford, OR

I had a great experience and appreciated Jeff Nickel and everyone's helpful nature.  I didn't have the best credit but still left with what I was looking for.  I'm very happy to be driving my new used 2005 Subaru Forester.  Thanks!

~ Jessica Jacobson, Medford, OR

Everyone involved in my purchase made it as good an experience as possible!  John (Bermea) was terrific!  Thanks to all and thanks for the lovely surprise gift!

~ Katherine Swindell, Medford, OR

We could not have been treated better.  100% positive experience!

~ Betty D., Medford, OR

Bob Adams is why we keep coming back to SOSVM.  He sold us a new Volvo in 2003 and our 2011 Subaru.

~ Hillary B., Medford, OR

In 2003, we looked specifically at Volvos because of their safety features.  I wanted something that would last.  We have had over 8 years of personal service and satisfaction as S.O.V. in Medford.  As I told my husband, 'my car is built like a tank, and I am going to drive it until it falls apart.'  128,000 miles, it is still going strong.  Many thanks to the staff and management as S.O.V.  We appreciate you.

~ Sincerely, Jaye D. 

The SOSVM Team has done it once again - my 120,000 mile service and more exceeded my expectations.  My Endeavor drives like new and is good for another 120,000!  Rick made sure I had the best coupons; sherry asked if I needed a ride; and I got to drive a cool loaner Subaru - still not as cool as my endeavor.  EVERYONE ON THE SOSVM TEAM IS PHENOMENAL!  Shannon went above and beyond her duties to make my experience informed, cost-effective, and pleasant.  Jon looked pretty; my tech made certain all maintenance and repairs met Mitsubishi specifications and standards, which is why I always come back!  (I used to drive from Bend, OR)  My Endeavor even got a complimentary wash.  Thank you one and all for keeping me safe, happy and on the road.

~ Renee Olmsted, Grants Pass, OR

3rd Subaru I bought from you!

Great dealership.  Much better than a lot I've dealt with.  More customer-friendly, and great follow-up after sale.

~ Robert Cartmell, Medford, OR

My son researched finding the very safest reliable car for me.  Thanks to him & your wonderful business, I have the "perfect" car now.

~ Patricia Klein, Medford, OR

Subaru is a great eco-friendly company with wonderful friendly helpful staff that work hard for their clients.

~ Susan Boman, Medford, OR