genuine subaru parts and chemicals

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Subaru Brake Pads & Rotors at Shingle Springs
Subaru in Sacramento, CA

It's no secret that aftermarket brake parts cost a little less than Genuine Subaru Brake Parts. But shouldn't you be judging more than price when considering something as important to your safety? We thought so, so we asked our engineers to compare the quality and performance of Genuine Subaru Brake Parts with aftermarket imitations... Learn More.

Subaru Automotive Chemicals at Shingle Springs Subaru in 
Sacramento, CA

When it comes to the fluids and other chemicals you put in a car, there's only one way to be sure you're meeting the same high standards of original Subaru equipment: insist on Genuine Subaru Automotive Chemicals. Subaru now offers a full line of quality tested products, all approved by Subaru for use in Subaru vehicles... Learn More.

Subaru Engine Components at Shingle Springs Subaru in Sacramento, 

When you need engine repairs, you might be tempted to cut corners - and maybe save a few dollars - by using aftermarket replacement parts. Bad idea! Truth is, you won't save much (if anything) and you may be jeopardizing performance and security down the road... Learn More.

Auto-Parts at Shingle Springs Subaru in Sacramento, CA

Without regular maintenance stops, even a vehicle as well designed as Subaru will quickly lose that "new car" feeling. Scheduling routine maintenance with trained professionals is crucial, but what if your technician wants to maintain your Subaru with aftermarket parts? Insist on Genuine Subaru Maintenance Parts instead... Learn More.


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